We are the Ascension Seeds Network 🔆

We Are All Connected through 🔅 The Cosmic Web:

The Ascension Seeds Network are Ascended Masters and Beings of Love and Clearing Light. {: Possibly, including, you and me:}

As the Piscean age comes to a close and the age of Aquarius ascends upon Mother Earth, we are experiencing shifts in time.

The planet and all her inhabitants ARE Awakenings to truths that were hidden. 

As we humans are awakening, ascending, and shifting, we are learning we are not alone in our endeavors to become all we are meant to BE. 

There are Ascended Master, including Jesus, and Angels, Higher vibrational Beings in the stratosphere's that desperately want to assist us; They love us unconditionally. They only wish for us to have the best life yet!

~CCStarSeeds with a capital S is the ™ for the Ascension Seeds Network; it stands for You, Me, Creation, Source; ALL ➽ 🌀 Consciously Creating Star Seeds for Love and Light💫

~CCStarseeds little s - is Connie Preston Parker, founder of the Ascension Seeds Network LLC, higher-self, and contributor to many of the articles of this site, spiritual name. She is an Open Channel to the Ascended Master and other realms.

To bring a little clarity here to this About Page, we want to add that - only by going deep into the darkness of your soul can you find "The Light," The Light being Love...

Let that Love Light be your compass for what is right and wrong for you, for this time. Let not, FEAR decide for you! Let not, world view conditionings be your teacher! Let your light shine in search of TRUTH...

Let us Consciously Create Seeds Of Cosmic Love Light💞


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